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Tuesday, 11th July 2023
08h30 - 17h30Arrivals/Build up/Exec Meeting
Pre Conference Workshops
17h30 - 19h00Venue: Injabulo 1 & Pre Assembly
Welcome Reception
Galvanising initiatives towards brain health in Africa
Plenary Speaker - Prof Alfred Njamnshi
Wednesday 12th July 2023
TimeOpening Session - Venue: Injabulo 1
ChairProf Amadi Ihunwo - SONA President
08h30 - 10h00Opening / Plenary Speaker
Astrocytes as key players in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases
Prof Flavia Gomes - President, International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN)
10h00 - 10h20Day 1 Morning Tea Break

Session 1A - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 1B - Venue: Injabulo 2
10h20 - 12h35Symposium 1:
Current trends in Neurosurgery
Organizer: Prof John Ouma
Speakers: Dr Christos Profyris, Dr Rambe Khohomela, Dr Sylvester Omoruyi, Prof John Ouma
, Dr Richard Brown
10h20 - 11h45: Workshop 1: Advancing Capacity for Human Brain Data in Africa: Governance, Informatics, Challenges, and Opportunities
Organizer: Dr Damian Eke
Speakers: Dr Damian Eke, Dr Eberechi Wogu, Prof Franco Pestilli, Prof Amadi Ihunwo
Oral presentations
Chair: Dr Samuel Onasanwo
Co-Chair: Dr Yunusa Garba Mohammed

11h45 - 12h00: Attenuative effects of coconut-oil against reserpine-induced depression-like condition and the associated changes in the thalamus of adult female wistar rats
Ms Lola Adelakin
12h00 - 12h15: Structural and functional hippocampal alterations following chronic administration of alcohol and cocktail of caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid in wistar rats.
Mrs Olufunto Adeleye
12h15 - 12h35: Q&A
12h35 - 13h35Day 1 Lunch Break
Poster Viewing
Session 2A - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 2B - Venue: Injabulo 2
13h35 - 14h50Symposium 2: Neuroimmunology: Non-Communicable Diseases
Organizers: Prof Willias Masocha, Prof Roberto Furlan
Speakers: Prof Willias Masocha, Prof Roberto Furlan, Prof Sharon L Juliano, Dr Rufus O Akinyemi
Symposium 3: Modelling Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Insights from Vertebrate & Invertebrate Animal Models using Open Science
Organizer: Dr Royhaan Folarin
Speakers: Dr Gemma Modinos, Dr. Michael Winding, Dr Musa Ajibola, Dr Royhaan Folarin, Prof. Philippe De Deurwaerdere
14h50 - 16h00Symposium 4: Neuroscience education and training in Africa: Current status and future direction
Organizer: Dr Adejoke Elizabeth Memudu
Speakers: Dr Gwladys Temkou Ngoupaye, Ass Prof Angela Danborno, Dr Thomas K. Karikari, Dr Gerda Venter
Symposium 5: Neuroprotective potentials of natural agents against neurodegenerative diseases
Organizer: Dr Abel N Agbon
Ibe M Usman, Samuel B Mesole, Dr Abel N Agbon, Mr Olalekan Oladimeji
16h05 - 16h30Day 1 Afternoon Tea Break
Session 3A - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 3B - Venue: Injabulo 2
16h30 - 17h40Symposium 6: History of Neuroscience in Africa
Organizer: Dr Raj Kalaria
Symposium 7: The Route to independent research: Challenges and Possibilities
Organizer: Dr Olamide Adebiyi, Dr Gwaldys Temkou Ngoupaye
Speakers: Dr Omamuyovwi M. Ijomone, Dr Gwaldys Temkou Ngoupaye, Dr Rachael Dangarembizi
17h40 - 18h40Workshop 2: Submitting your work to an international journal: the peer review and what we expect in a good paper
Organizer & speaker: Prof Juan Lerma
Symposium 8: Environmental neurotoxins and Circadian Rhythms in Health and neurodegenerative Disease
Organizers: Dr Adamu A. Sadeeq, Dr Nezha Bouhaddou
Speakers: Dr Adamu Abubakar Sadeeq, Yusuf Yusha’u, Ahmed Sheriff Isah,
Dr Nezha Bouhaddou
18h40 - 20h00Meet the ISN President Reception
Venue: Cocktail Lounge Hotel Reception
Thursday, 13th July 2023
TimeDay 2 Opening Plenary - Venue: Injabulo 1
Chair:Prof Alfred Njamshi
08h30 - 09h30Accelerating Neuroscience Breakthroughs by Filling the African Brain Gap
Dr Mahmoud Buka Maina
09h30 - 10h00Advancing transnational research and education by integrating international data governance and neuroscience cloud platforms
Prof Franco Pestilli, Welcome Trust UK Grant
10h00 - 10h20Day 2 Morning Tea Break

Session 4A - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 4B - Venue: Injabulo 2
10h20 - 12h00Symposium 9: Neurobiology and neurochemistry in animals’ adaptations to African biotopes: understanding of particular features of circadian rhythms under native specific environments
Organizer: Prof Khalid El Allali
Speakers: Prof Nouria Lakhdar-Ghazal,
Daniel Hart, Prof Paul Manger, Prof Khalid El Allali, Dr Hicham Farsi
Symposium 10: Natural bioactives for neurological interventions: Neuropharmacological approaches and techniques
Organizer: Prof Pradeep Kumar
Speakers: Prof Martha I. Dávila-García, Prof Dr Victor Diogenes Amaral da Silva, Dr Robert Peter Biney, Prof Pradeep Kumar,
12h00 - 13h30Day 2 Lunch Break
Poster Viewing
Session 5 - Venue: Injabulo 1
13h30 - 16h10Symposium 11: SANS Symposium Plenary
Organizers: Dr Rachael Dangarembizi, Dr Annerine Roos, Dr Victoria Williams, Miss Kimberley Williams, Dr Tanya Calvey
Keynote speaker: Exploring the funnel effect model: oxidative stress as a shared mechanism for multiple adverse events
Dr Franscesca Cirulli
Speakers: Jacyln Asouzu Johnson, Amalia Naita Awala, Thandi Fasemore, Thando Shabangu, Philipa Spies, Heike Stoppel
16h10 - 16h30Day 2 Afternoon Tea Break
Session 6 - Venue: Injabulo 1
16h30 - 18h40Symposium 12: IBRO Alumni: Remarks: Prof Tracy Bale
Alumni Presenters and Interactive Session with IBRO Team
Organizer: Prof Evelyne Sernagor
Speakers: Annick Mélanie Magnerou, Moses Ekong, Sabine Adeline Fanta Yadang, Adejoke Memudu
18h40 - 20h00IBRO Networking Cocktail
Venue: Injabulo 1
Friday, 14th July 2023
TimeDay 3 Opening Plenary - Venue: Injabulo 1
Chair:Prof Sadiq Yusuf
08h30 - 09h30James Kimani Lecture:
Metals as poisons to the brain: confounding factors of genetic mutations and stress
Dr Omamuyovwi M. Ijomone
09h30 - 10h00WITS Faculty of Health Sciences
10h00 - 10h20Day 3 Morning Tea Break

Session 7A - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 7B - Venue: Injabulo 2
10h20 - 11h45Oral presentations
Chair: Prof William Daniels
Co-Chair: Ms Lumbuka Kaunda

10h20 - 10h35: Sleep in Moroccan Black Goats under normal and desertic conditions: A polysomnographic study
Dr Salma el Allali
10h35 - 10h50: Interactome of Foxp2 lineage in developing medial amygdala: tentative implications in autism
Dr Maria Jesus Herrero
10h50 - 11h05: Source Localization of mu-Rhythm Event Related Desynchronization in hdEEG during Vibro-Tactile Perception and Imagery.
Dr Lev Yakovlev
11h05 - 11h45: Q&A
Workshop 3: Leadership at all Career Stages
Organizers: Prof Martha I Davila-Garcia, Dr Rachael Dangarembizi, Dr Chinna Orish
Speakers: Dr Rachael Dangarembizi, Dr Gwladys Temkou Ngoupaye, Dr Chinna Orish, Prof Evelyne Sernagor, Prof Amira Zaky Hasan, Dr Oritoke Okeowo, Dr Lihle Qulu, Prof Francesca Cirulli, Prof Martha I. Dávila-García
Session 8a - Venue: Injabulo 1Session 8b - Venue: Injabulo 2
11h45 - 12h35Symposium 14: FENS
Chair: Prof Ejikeme Mbajiorgu
Co-Chair: Dr Sharon Owino

11h45 - 11h50: Karyoptosis: novel neuronal cell death by degeneration of nuclear integrity in dementia
Dr Rebecca Casterton
11h50 - 12h10: Amyloid-β1-42 Monomer Induces Toxicity in Primary Glial cells and Possible Myelin Alteration in 5xFAD Mice Brain
Mrs Nwife Okechukwu
12h10 - 12h22: Brain choline and myo-inositol do not mediate the association between HIV and depressive symptoms in an adolescent sample
Mr Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots
12h22 - 12h40: Q&A
Oral presentations
Chair: Dr Pilani Nkomozepi
Co-Chair: Dr Robert Biney

11h45 - 12h00: Understanding the contribution of inflammation in the development of depression: implications for therapeutic targets
Prof Aletta Millen
12h00 - 12h15: Expression of Neurotrophins (BDNF and NT-3) and their Receptors in Adult Human Cochleae
Dr Akanksha Mishra
12h15 - 12h30: Adaptability of egg-laying behavior in Aedes Aegypti
Dr Yunusa Garba Mohammed
12h30 - 12h40: Q&A
12h40 - 13h30Day 3 Lunch Break
Poster Viewing
Session 9a - Venue: Injabulo 1
Session 9b - Venue: Injabulo 2
13h30 - 14h55Oral presentations
Chair: Prof Salihu Moyosore Ajao
Co-Chair: Dr Samson Salile

13h30 - 13h45: The Effect of Migratory Behaviour on the Expression of Neurotrophins and Proliferative markers in the Teleost Brain
Miss Ntando Ndinisa
13h45- 14h00: Co-exposure to chronic stress and metals in rats: A study of memory functions, neurochemical and immunohistochemical alterations
Dr Oritoke Okeowo
14h00 - 14h15: Continuous exposure to cobalt reduced neuronal activity, exacerbates neuronal injury and upregulates APP and BACE-1 expression in hippocampal neuronal cells
Dr Tosin Olasehinde
14h15 - 14h30: Cannabidiol improves memory and hippocampal neuronal morphology in animal model of epilepsy
Dr Sunday Yinka Olatunji
14h30 - 14h45: GPR37, an underappreciated regulator of the Wnt pathway: relevance to enhancing regeneration following stroke
Dr Sharon Owino
14h45 - 14h55 - Q&A
Oral presentations
Chair: Prof Samuel Kombian
Co-Chair: Dr Olaitan Asuquo
13h30 - 13h45: Between the brain and the heart: Effects of reward system activation on the recovery process following myocardial infarction
Ms. Hedva Haykin
13h45- 14h00: Silent cerebral infarcts are progressive in adults with sickle cell anemia
Dr Ibrahim Idris
14h00 - 14h15: Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder: A Polyvagal Perspective
Dr Michelle Leal
14h15 - 14h30: The Potential of Serum S100 Calcium-Binding protein B and Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein as Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury.
Mr Seke Nzau Mafuika
14h30 - 14h45: Predictors of 30-day mortality among patients with stroke admitted at a tertiary hospital in north western Tanzania: A prospective cohort study
Dr Sarah Matuja
14h45 - 14h55 - Q&A
14h55 - 16h05Oral presentations
Chair: Prof John Ouma
Co-chair: Dr Rachael Dangarembizi
14h55 - 15h10: Anti-nociceptive Activity of 80% Methanolic Leaf Extract of Pterolobium stellatum (Forssk.) Brenan (Fabaceae) in Mice
Dr Samson Salile
15h10 - 15h25: Bidirectional brain-heart interaction in human motor behavior
Dr Nikolay Syrov
15h25 - 15h40: Prevalence and risk factors of age-related brain atrophy and associated symptoms among adults in Northern Tanzania
Dr John-Mary Vianney
15h40 - 16h05 Q&A
Oral presentations
Chair: Prof Pradeep Kumar
Co-chair: Dr Adejoke Memudu
14h55 - 15h10: Assessing the contextual barriers and facilitators to stroke thrombolysis implementation in a tertiary facility in Ghana using the CFIR framework
Dr Priscilla Abrafi Opare-Addo
15h10 - 15h25: Honey and Black Seed Synergistically Promote Regeneration of Oligodendrocytes in Cuprizone Intoxicated Quail Brain
Mouhamed Zakiou Kolawole Raimi, Ass Prof Asghar Shabbir
15h25 - 15h40: Molecular docking of salicylic acid against susceptibility genes of depression
Dr Hidaayah Jimoh-Abdulghaffaar
15h40 - 15h55: Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: Prevalence, severity, and distress experienced by caregivers of people living with dementia.
Dr Ronald Kamoga
15h55 - 16h05 Q&A
16h05 - 16h30Day 3 Afternoon Tea Break
Session 10 - Venue: Injabulo 1
16h30 - 17h40SONA General Assembly
Chair: Prof Sadiq Yusuf
18h30 - 22h00Conference Closing Gala Dinner - Venue: Chiefs Boma
SONA Hall of Fame Induction
Chair: Prof William Daniels, former Sec-Gen SONA
Saturday, 15th July 2023
08h30 - 10h00Checkout AND Post Conference Tours